Top 5 cat breed to pet in the house

Cat Breed


Cat is a beautiful creature and pretty famous for being a pet in a house or apartment. People love to keep different types of cats that match their personality, some like skinny but larger cats and some prefer cute and fluffy with a smooth-hair coat. 

Every person has their choice for taking a cat.

In this article, we gonna discuss Top 5 demanding cat breeds and hope for you to find one in it.

1. Burmese Cat

Burmese Cat


The head of the breed is proportional, almost round in shape. The forehead against the background of the rounded skull turns out to be somewhat convex. The muzzle is wide, full, prominent cheeks and protruding cheekbones are visible. The nose is of medium length, its transition from the forehead to the muzzle is well defined. The eyes are large and expressive, set wide apart. The color ranges from light blue to dark blue. The ears are slightly inclined forward, are of medium size and rounded at the tips. The tail is fluffy, of medium length, and has a uniformly dark color, the tip is fluffy, usually raised.

This type of cat isn’t so big but due to its fluffy hair coat, it looks larger and bigger. The hair of this cat seems massive and majestic. The animal is folded proportionally, it is physically a strong animal. This breed of cat is a calm character and likes to relax most of the time. but at the same time, the pet cannot be called overly passive or too active. 

Contact with other

This cat likes to play with its owner and show affection towards people, and these qualities are most clearly expressed in cats. Relations with other pets, including dogs and cats of other breeds, are calm 

Burma always finds a way (Language) to talk with them, but some feeling of jealousy for the owner may still manifest. The cat instantly finds contact with small children, quickly becomes attached to them, communicates a lot, and plays with babies. 

Character and Color

This cat breed can have the award of being the most curious one. It always enjoys poking its nose in every possible matter, unopened Box or Gifts, or purpose of any red button. 

He easily achieves what he wants from the owners. Burma is a self-sufficient animal with very strong energy, showing excellent hunting qualities. Indifference to oneself and loneliness is rather difficult to endure. With the passage of age, animals can change their color. 

At a young age, kittens have white hair, as they grow older, color-points begin to appear, the final color is formed by about one and a half years. 


Advantages Disadvantages
Calm and balanced animal It does not tolerate ignoring and loneliness very well –
If you are not at home for a long time, the cat will start to get very bored
Differs in a docile and curious character
Get along quickly with children, pets
Looks attractive

2.  Maine Coon

Maine Coon


This cat breed is rather large, has heavy clawed paws, and have lynx brushes on the tips of their ears.
The general stern expression of the animal’s muzzle gives the impression that the cat has a difficult character with a tendency to unkindness and savagery.
However, in fact, under such an impressive appearance, there is a very docile disposition and kind character, which makes the animals even more attractive. 


The character of the Maine Coon was formed over many years of breeding work. In the selection process, it was possible to consolidate both the external characteristics of this cat breed and its psychological characteristics. The behavior of an animal depends not only on the conditions in which it was raised and raised but also largely on heredity, in connection with which aggressive, withdrawn and nervous animals are excluded from the breeding process. Often they talk about this breed.
Cats are not withdrawn, do not differ in selfishness, although alone they feel comfortable. They walk by themselves, too, without much pleasure, as they prefer pleasant company. 

Social Behavior

The breed is sociable, focused specifically on humans, although cats do not avoid other animals. Maine Coons get along well with children, become attached to them. One of the main distinguishing features that clearly distinguish these pets from the environment of other felines is their love of water. It just loves to swim. It often wields its front paws like a dog, more like raking the ground or foliage. 

They are not too prone to kitchen theft, they climb onto the dining table solely for the sake of curiosity, to sit higher and have a greater view.


Advantages Disadvantages
A large, beautiful breed with a docile nature Quite expensive
Get along well with small children and pets
Very soft coat May start chewing on wires
You can easily teach some tricks


3. British cat

British cat


The breed is excellent for home keeping, largely due to its strong health and calm nature. The physiology and appearance of animals were formed in conditions of high humidity and a rather cool climate, so pets have dense and short vegetation, which can reliably protect from cold and moisture. 


These cats are excellent hunters, they are hardy, strong and unpretentious in food. The head is distinguished by a wide skull and round shape, the cheeks are developed, with wide cheekbones. The nose is also quite straight, wide, and short. The ears are small, slightly rounded, set wide and low. The eyes are round, located at a considerable distance from each other. The body is massive, it has a developed chest, the muscles are highly developed. The limbs are short but powerful. The tail is thick, the weight of cats can reach about 14 kg, cats are much lighter – a maximum of 9 kg. Wool protects the animal from the cold largely due to the developed undercoat. It does not adhere directly to the skin, it is plush to the touch.


Sometimes you can also find a long-haired Briton. A special recessive gene is responsible for this feature, so such kittens cannot appear in short-haired parents. 


Cats are distinguished by an independent character, they tolerate loneliness well. They usually do not ask for hands, but they treat the owners with respect and love, they do not show their feelings quite rarely. They will not just approach strangers, at first, they will observe them from the sidelines.

The British breed is not aggressive, They use claws and teeth in the most exceptional cases, therefore they are not dangerous for children. Even though the British are distinguished by strong natural health, they need special care.

 it is necessary to choose the right food, it is advisable to do this in conjunction with a veterinarian, in addition, regular examination by a specialist is recommended. Haircare is also simple:


Advantages Disadvantages
A very calm and intelligent animal Sits in the owner’s arms only when it wants to.
Plush wool that does not need special care
High natural immunity
Respectfully treats household members.


4. Manx


Social Behavior

Very peaceful and sociable cats that feel great in a large family, they get along well with small children, get along with other cats and even large dogs. Animals also have character – if necessary, during the struggle for their territory, they can give a serious rebuff. 

The breed is quite calm and obedient, even tolerates significant changes in its own life. 


Manx loves his owners very much, is devoted to them, he is not at all afraid of people. Cat of this breed feel like a part of the family, require a lot of attention, but if it is not enough, they may be offended by the owners. 


They love to look at the pouring water – rain, a stream from a tap, a river. Cats are pretty smart – they can even learn how to flush the toilet for later enjoyment. The physique is somewhat overweight, however, pets are always energetic and mobile, they love active games. If they live in a private house, they help fight mice and even rats


Manx are very clean cats, but they also need some care. They need to be bathed once a week, the wool is combed out with a brush with increased rigidity, which is important in conditions of seasonal shedding. The claws are very sharp, so special care is needed for them too. 


This is the first tailless cat breed in our review, but the tailless gene can cause bowel and bladder dysfunction and can cause difficulty walking. 

This syndrome usually appears during the first year of a kitten’s life. Color can be any except for color-point, chocolate and lilac. The coat is dense and smooth with a well-felt undercoat. The eyes of cats are large, very large, set obliquely. The back part of the body is somewhat heavy, with the fore tarsus being shorter than the hind one.


Advantages Disadvantages
A fairly independent cat, but she loves society very much Certain health problems can occur due to the tailless gene
Neat creation
Doesn’t need special care
Loves water, so bathing is easy


5. Persian cat

Persian cat

Cat for apartment

This is the best breed of cats for an apartment, besides, the Persians are an exclusively domestic breed. They have already lost the ability to hunt, run quite slowly, and cannot jump high either. 

Cats love to lie down for a long time. Such a moment of character for all representatives of the breed is completely normal and does not cause discomfort. 


Persians are calm and inactive, so they do not need much space, which allows them to keep these cats even in small apartments. Animals will never bother the owners with their excessive activity, get tangled underfoot, you can not think about the safety of curtains, upholstery, or upholstered furniture. Despite little physical activity, loneliness is poorly tolerated. Even these animals prefer to sleep in the same bed with their owners – it will be almost impossible to wean them from this habit. The character is kind and flexible, so the animal can be left even with a very small child.


Most of the owners note the high intelligence of the Persians. They are easy to train, they quickly master basic commands and get used to the tray. The cat will almost never attract attention by meowing – rather, it will simply come to the owner and begin to look into his eyes for a long time and intently. Due to their balanced character, cats easily find a common language with other pets, easily share their living space with them. The cat shows some alertness to strangers, but this does not last too long. It is necessary to accustom the animal to a specific feeding schedule, as this breed is prone to overeating and obesity.


Advantages Disadvantages
Very calm animals When shedding, a lot of fur appears
Developed intelligence
Not a very active breed
Unpretentiousness in food

Thanks for reading till now, We hope you decided the best cat breed for you.

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