Top 5 Snakes as a pet

Snake as a pet


It’s hard to imagine a pet that doesn’t have hair, doesn’t need to be fed several times a day and crawls instead of walking, isn’t it? However, they do exist, and some of these animals are snakes! Yes, animals, albeit specific, but extremely interesting. And if you are one of those people who have long wanted to get themselves a snake, but still have not done so and do not know where and where to start – then you are at the right place for info! We gonna share the data of keeping snake as pet in it.

How to keep snakes at home?

Contrary to popular belief, keeping snake as a pet at home is not so difficult. All you need is to create the necessary environment of detention, feed on time, change the drinking bowl and keep the terrarium clean. You can read a detailed manual on keeping snakes at home.

What kind of snake to get?

If you are sure and commit the responsibility to have a legless scaly friend and most likely already have an idea of ​​what you expect from it – about its size or its mobility or if you need a specific color of the snake as a pet. Well, I am glad to tell you that, those types of snakes that do not cause problems in keeping and which even a person with no experience can easily cope with.

Corn Snake

The first on our list, of course, will be the  Corn snake . For me this is the perfect snake to keep as a pet, no matter how you look. This snake has a small size – about 120-140 cm, has no problems with either content, appetite, or character (well, not without exceptions, of course),
but I would like to tell you separately  x about the color of this snake.

Corn Snake

The fact is that the genetics of the Corn snake is so diverse that you can find many dozens of different colors and different patterns and their combinations from a white snake without a pattern at all, to a burgundy-red snake with spots or gray-black with polka dots on the back. Corn snakes are very active, so it will be interesting to watch them both in the terrarium and to pick them up.

Royal Python

For the lovers of quiet snakes, the royal python is perfect  . It grows to about the same size as the maize snake, but as an adult these are more thicker. These pythons are not very fast, and in case of danger all they do is roll up into a ball (hence they are also called Ball python).

Royal Snake

By keeping this snake as a pet, you can watch a whole season without being very distracted by this snake, and walk around in your apartment by just hanging your pet around your neck. I would also like to note that recently the number of new colors of royal pythons has been growing relentlessly, so if you like the description of this snake, you have the opportunity to choose a snake by color as well.

Epicrates Maurus

Surely there are those who want a bigger snake, but not slow. Then the Epicrates Maurus also called rainbow boa constrictor is just perfect for you. This snake has quite a slender constitution with a length of about 2 meters thick.

Epicrates Maurus

It will be about the size of your elbow. But it is worth noting that among the calm rainbow snakes they can get caught and quite themselves with a character that can become calmer with age. This snake also has some color variability, and as an additional bonus – a mesmerizing transfusion of scales in the sun (of course the reason for this snake(boa) being called rainbow).

Boa imperator

Let’s continue our list with one more wonderful snake- the  imperial boa . you may know the expression “Calm like a boa constrictor”. This is about him (although there are always some exceptions). The size of this snake can vary from 1 meter to 2 or 2.5 m. The color is also very diverse, and a distinctive feature can be called the tail of a boa constrictor. The color of the snake, which differs from the main pattern in some individuals of this species throughout their life. It remains a beautiful brown-red color.

Boa imperator
If you compare the imperial boa constrictor with other snakes, holding them in your hands, you will get to know its strength, power and its muscles. The grip of the boa constrictor is stronger than other snakes, nevertheless the snake looks very proportional.

Milk Snake

As far as I know, there are some people who aren’t comfortable keeping large size boas and pythons at home.
If you are one of them and looking for something smaller and quicker then milk snakes  in their full range are at your disposal.
Just look for the variety of dairy and king snake colors and you will surely get something you find interesting. The size of these snakes varies depending on the species, but the majority of their species do not exceed one meter.

Milk Snake


For now, that concludes our list of the most suitable snakes as a pet for beginners to keep at home. I hope the information I gave you was useful to you and it helped you make the right choice. Snakes do not require much attention to themselves. Only with a little care, you will receive positive emotions from the content of these beautiful creatures. 

Good luck with your endeavor and welcome to the wonderful world of terrarium.

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