Rat as a Pet

Rat as a pet


When hearing the name of a rat as a pet, the first thought that comes in people’s minds is gray rat or paysuk, which makes many People scared or at least can make them feel disgusted.

But those are only a few selected species of rat. There is a vast amount of species of indoor rats.

About Rats

The rumors for the rat, that they spread disease and plague is true, but it’s a completely different species. There are many types of rats and those are the ones that live in the wild.

The rats we’re gonna talk about keeping as a pet are completely different. These rats are perfect for pets, as they are smart, active, cute, adorable and best for both Kids and adults.

Number of Rats

Rats are social wild animals. It would be good if you pet at least two rats with you, and if you can manage, the quantity of three and four will be great. The rats like to live in groups, they have fun together, play with each other, clean each other, and also help each other in things you can’t expect.

Rat Family

Keep in mind, if you are keeping different genders, you may get the result of new babies in a short time. The tamed rats get attached to humans way faster than their parents and start playing with you in no time. As you are also part of their family.

Keeping this number of rats may also end up in fights between them but don’t worry about it. They will still sleep together in the same nest unlike humans


The cage for rats is as good as big. The rats are pretty active at night. They play with each other and run in the whole cage to have fun, so the bars of the cage should be close enough to hold them in it. As the rats are smart, they can escape from the slight opening, but also the bars of the cage should be open so the paws of rats don’t get stuck in it.

You can install the nest or hammock, so the rats can sleep on it and cover the ground with a soft towel or newspaper. The drinking bottle and feeding bowl also have to be added to it as they are gonna be in the cage for a long time, and they need to be fed to remain alive.


Before talking about feeding let me remind you again that your rat needs constant access to fresh water as they also get thirsty so try to arrange it first.

Rat Food

People usually mix up the food of hamsters and gerbils with the rats, let me tell you that this food can be harmful to your pet. Rats have their requirements of nutrition, as they are omnivorous they also like to have meat in dog food which helps them with protein, but keep in mind that too much isn’t good for our little buddy. While the other can be provided by vegetables or the combination of wheat, rice, oats, etc.

There are many different ways to prepare fancy food for your rat at home. It may take one or two experiments to get a grip on it and start making a meal, which your pet may enjoy.

Daily Routine with rat

To keep the rats happy you tamed, you should play with them for at least an hour or more but no less, Rats are delicate creatures, it’s better to be careful when you hold or stroke them to avoid hurting them or injuring them.

Never grab a rat by its tail, try to lift them with their body, if your rat has good bonding with you, it will climb on your hand as you take them near it instead of you picking it up, and may get on your shoulder to express their love.

Rats don’t usually bite, especially the males. The females rat bites in self-defense during their pregnancy or when they have children. #MotherLove.

Taking Care

Cages should be cleaned once a week as it gets dirty with spilled water and food debris. Remember to clean the cage with a safe disinfected and replacing the paper on the bottom with another backing in the cage. 

Keeping a rat as a pet is a big responsibility, including monitoring your rats’ behavior, injury or disturbance in their health.

Let them free from the cage so they can roam around, be sure that there isnt any stripped wire or cable which can harm them. There shouldn’t be any escape hole in their access.


In conclusion, I shall say that rats are also good pets if you take care of them and give them time as you may give to any other animal (cat & dog).

Hope this article clears the point of a rat as a pet, and you can decide if you can handle such lovely creatures.