Tips For Owning a Rabbit As a Pet

Rabbit As a Pet


Rabbit is getting popular as pet nowadays. I see the people who are looking for a pet are getting rabbits or hare. Rabbits are cute animals, with their fluffy and soft fur they are getting more in demand.

Even some children are getting dwarf, especially ones with long and lop ears. As they weigh little (around 2Kg) and are easy to carry anywhere.

Rabbit’s Character

Rabbits are cute and sweet, but due to their cuteness people more likely girls end up squeezing them which they don’t enjoy, and end up biting or scratching.

Rabbit is an animal, through which we should take joy by watching from a distance. Especially kids less than 10 years old. The fewer kids are immature the less is the chances of being injured by rabbits.  The rabbit is a great pet if it succeeds in making a bond with its owner. It may play with its master feet or arrange the real jogging in apartment #playwithyou.

How to carry a rabbit?

A rabbit shouldn’t be carried by their ear or wither, It can end up hurting them a lot and also injuring their spine. The best way to carry a rabbit is to put your hand under its belly or hold it from both its sides.

If the Rabbit makes a bond with its owner, it will come up and curl next to it.

Home for Rabbit

The cage of the rabbit should be well arranged with its food and bowl of water. You can get a small box in which you can arrange all of it but keep in mind that the cage should have something in it that can be gnawed on, whether it can be cardboard or wood, it can help in grinding their teeth in something else.

Fun with Rabbit

A rabbit should be released in an apartment for at least 2 to 3 hours in a day. Walking around in an apartment helps them to maintain their weight and another reason for it is if you don’t let them out of their cage, they will get angry and wild which may result in decreasing contact between pet and owner.


The rabbits love to chew things that include wires also, so it’s better to hide all the chargers, headphones or other wire material. They also love to climb on a box and open it, and I know you won’t want the household and chemical boxes opened by a rabbit.

What should I feed a rabbit?

To Keep a Rabbit as a pet you should know that the diet for a rabbit should be strictly followed as they don’t have a good and strong stomach.

After the birth of a rabbit, It feeds on its mother’s milk for the first two months, so the young rabbit cannot be acquired.

The most basic diet for a rabbit includes grains. But it cannot fill all the requirements of its body so it’s important to provide him/her with some fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits.

The vegetables and fruits made in an artificial environment have some chemical product on them which can be harmful for the stomach of rabbits. That’s why I prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables which don’t only fulfill the body requirements but also make it strong.

Some people I saw collect hay or grass growing along the road, I would strictly deny it and also advise you not to do it. It contains lots of lead from the pollution of traffic.

You can get hay from the pet store or from the village. You can also give it some oats with lettuce leaves which are healthy and beneficial for them. The main thing it tells us to use material from good and natural soil.

Be Careful with open chocolate bars or any material with sweet filling. The sweet material can easily disturb the rabbit’s stomach and can lead to poisoning.

The peculiarity of the rabbit’s body is that such disorders of the digestive system as lack of appetite, diarrhea, constipation can lead to a serious illness in half a day.

Rabbit Care

The dwarf rabbit often has crooked teeth as they bite everything and mostly wrong things. If somehow the rabbit’s teeth aren’t as sharp and it isn’t grinding on its own then you should take it to the veterinarian. The teeth of rabbits increase throughout their life, make sure to cut them or overgrown teeth can make them hard to bite and eat.


The rabbit is a great animal as a pet, but it takes some time and softness to bind with them. Try to have patience if you get this little guy and try not to squeeze them. I know it’s hard but trust me they don’t like it. Be Careful while picking them up and also with their diet.

Good luck with this young friend if you agree to get one.


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