Top 5 Goldfish For Beginner As a Pet

Gold Fish as a pet


Goldfish are the most beautiful, famous and oldest fish to keep as a pet of aquariums around the world. The ancestors of these fishes were found in the waters of China, Korea and Japan. This type of fish used to be caught by servants of the royal family and dropped in ponds and Aquariums of the Royal Palace, where they used to breed and retain their distinctive characteristics. In this way they become a symbol of oriented luxury.

Aquarium for Goldfish

The goldfish is about 20cm long and the aquarium of 30 litres will be enough for a pair of them, especially if you are thinking of breeding them. If you want to keep a goldfish as a pet, try avoiding sharp objects like sharp pebbles, decorated pieces with sharp edges or any plant with sharp and pointy leaves. It is because the sharp things can hurt the goggle-eye fish or injure the weak parts, this can also end up ceasing the growth of them.

Our goldfish is good at polluting the water and causing itself to get a disease. So you have to change the water daily or add a water sterilizer  in your aquarium for this precious creature, in which way the water remains always clean. 

Don’t prefer the old style round bowl for your fish, it has less space and low oxygen for fish to stay alive. Try not to poke her eyes or squeeze her fins, it is highly unpleasant and unacceptable for her.

Water Characteristic 

If you are going to keep a goldfish as a pet, you should be aware about the characteristics of water for it’s comfort zone.

Temperature 18 to 25 degree in Celsius
pH level (Acidity) 7.0 to 8.0 pH
Hardness 8 to 15 GH


The Goldfish eats both live and dry granular types of food. They prefer lettuce leaves, hornwort or duckweed from the plants. They also eat daphnia which is rich in amino acids, fats and vitamins. It will stimulate rapid growth, give rich color and also increase the immune system of fish. Tubix is also high in fat, which helps to accelerate the growth.

You can feed a fish once or twice a day, you can do it one hour after turning on the lights in the morning and one hour before going to sleep. The daily ratio of mass of meal is 5% of the mass of the fish. A fish can eat one potion within 15 to 20 minutes. If it’s taking longer than that, then the food is too much for fish, which should be pulled out immediately. The feeding place should be constant.

The purely dry food can cause inflammation in fish’s digestive system due to swelling in it. It will be better if fry food is dipped in a saucer first. 

Live food can be replaced with scraped meat and supplements like crumbly cereals.

It will be great if you make a gap of feeding it once a week, it may have some biochemical beneficial like prevention of gastrointestinal disorders.

Keep in mind that right food is the key to the health and growth of our fish.

Types of Goldfish

There are different shapes of Goldfish which are named on their designs, color and shapes.

Veil tail Goldfish

Veil tail Gold Fish

The name of it expresses that it is named due to its long tail, which is similar to veil. The length of her body is around 8cm to 10cm, while the length of her tail is around 30cm. These fishes are also like other Goldfish, love to dig in the ground.

Oranda Goldfish

Oranda Gold fish

Oranda is a type Goldfish which we can get in multiple colors, Red-White, Blue, Chocolate, Black, and many more, making which makes it pretty demanding. Its length is 43cm, due to its size it made the name in Guinness, book of Records and became famous all over the world.

Little Red Riding Hood Goldfish

This variety of Oranda is silvery white with an orange or red bump on the head and is very popular with hobbyists.

Little Red Riding Hood Goldfish

For the maintenance of individuals of this species, the quality of water is paramount (hardness, acidity, nitrogen compounds). Bad conditions can irritate the skin and affect the appearance of the growths.

Ranchu Goldfish

A swollen body, lack of a dorsal fin, a tucked tail and growths covering the head make the ranch stand out from the rest of the goldfish.
The varieties of this breed differ in color, which is orange, chocolate, metallic, chintz, black. In Japan, the most popular are bright red fish.

Ranchu Goldfish

Telescope Goldfish

Huge eyes, a forked tail fin, and, as a rule, black color have become the hallmark of telescopes. These fish can be either scaly or scaleless. Scale less, in turn, are divided into monochromatic (usually red and white) and chintz (multicolor).

telescope Goldfish

If you look closely, you will notice that the eyes of some telescopes are directed in opposite directions, others – forward, and still others – up. A representative of this species, whose eyes are directed upward, is called the stargazer. Telescopes with more prominent eyes and longer tails are especially popular with collectors.

The variety of colors of these fish prompts aquarists to come up with new names for them. Telescopes have black and white spots which symmetrically located throughout the body are called pandas, with a white body and black fins – magpies.

The bulging eyes of the telescope are very vulnerable, so avoid decorative items with sharp edges when setting up your aquarium. The length of the eyes of the largest individuals can reach 5 cm. Spherical and conical eyes are more common than cylindrical ones.


Hope you know if you want to keep a GoldFish as a pet or not,
If you thinking to keep them, we wish you a very good Luck with that

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